Training Horses – The Tellington Method

If you want to learn the basics of training horses, you have to read this article. This will allow you to learn more about an amazing method that will allow you to take the well-being of your horse to the next level in no time.

Tellington Method

The Tellington Method is just a special system that has been designed to train a lot of horses and riders, and this system was created by a woman called Linda Tellington-Jones. She spent more than thirty years trying to develop this system, and she finally did what she had to do. She discovered that people could use horses to release pain, discomfort, tension, and fear in a way that they cannot foresee these days most of the time. She discovered this in the 1970s, and she is very happy that she did this over time.

The Components

This amazing method of training horses has three main components. The first component is called the Ridden Work, the second one is the Ground Exercises, and the third one is the TTouch. The TTouch is just a set of slides, lifts, and circles that will allow you to use your hands and fingertips to do what you have to do. Improving a horse`s power to learn and to cooperate. This method is truly awesome. The method also deepens the bond between the human being and the horse along with the rider coordination and balance.


Doing a bodywork on an animal is not a modern trend. If you want to take the power of your house to the next level, you have to use this method. Rubbing the body of your horse for thirty minutes each day is just what the doctor ordered to keep your winning streak. A bodywork will allow your horse to recover quicker than you might think possible too. This will also allow your horse to recover more quickly than if you have not done the rubbing job. The bodywork will influence both the character and the behavior of the animal, yet this might be something that you might not have thought about.

Improved Performance

The Tellington Method will allow you to improve the performance of your horse right away, and the well-being of the animal will be enhanced too down the road. By increasing the power for learning, the Tellington Method will allow you to take your horse to the next level. There are also two things we have to think about the Tellington Method: the improvement in the neurological function of the horse and the alleviation of pain in the animal. The Tellington Method will work hard to increase the neural pathways in the horse`s brain, and this will allow the animal to increase its power to learn.

Training horses do not have to be hard, and the Tellington Method will allow you to get what you want right away. This is what you need to use to take the well-being of your horse to the next level, and that’s what you have to do today.

Painted Horses

Remember when your elementary teacher told you that colors remove boredom and improve your mood. The more colorful a room is, the better your mood. Some people even go on to say that if you want to improve the intelligence and thinking abilities of your child, put more bright colors in his or her room. The same concept can be borrowed and used in horses. Painted horses are becoming an in thing in
today’s world.

Painted horses like colorful colors elevate moods for people who view them. It is even more special if these horses are many and painted in various colors. The horses if painted with bright colors can trigger the brain to go to a happy mood. The unpainted horses on the other hand do not come natural with bright colors and therefore have no ability to trigger that happiness mood gene.

There is nothing that beat art combined with nature. A horse itself is a nice animal to look at. The view however gets better with a painted horse as this bring man’s creativity in connection with nature. When nature and man creativity come together it shows that innovative can be taken to a higher level with few resources.

One concept that is admired is to stand out. Generally a painted horse will become a stand out horse among other horses especially if they are pinto horses. Even if they are many horses they can all become stand out horses on their own, depending on the style used by the artist in painting the horse.

If American paint horses have been preferred to pinto horses for riding and viewing by both horse riders and non horse riders alike, then one can make something better from both the pinto and paint horses by using paint. For many years paint horses have been a marvel to watch. The breed however is not accessible to everyone. The fortunate part is that one can design his or her own paint horse using paints of various colors. This will still attract a lot of people for viewing and riding.

As a learning tool painted horses are one of the best resources that teachers can use. Just imagine painting the flag of various countries on a horse, or drawing different objects on a horse and go on to make pupils identify them. Whether painting horses or painting houses it important to understand different drawing techniques. For more information on painting, you find loo at reviews for Tulsa painters. This experience will stick to their memory for a long time. If pupils see something on the back of the horse, it will be difficult to erase it from their memory than when they saw it in a book.

Painted horses have been used in exhibition. This does not mean that unpainted horses cannot be used for exhibition purposes but however painted horses make the exhibition even better. Just knowing that painted horses will be used in an exhibition makes one to be curious and therefore encourages attendance to the event. Painted horses therefore are the best in attracting people to attend horse exhibitions.

Horses are a marvel to see but they are even better if they are painted. Painted horses have proved to be a brightening force, even in a dark world.




If you are a pet enthusiast and lover then you literally have many options to go for but in my opinion, you can go for horses. They are one of the most loyal and friendly animals ever but their maintenance can be a tricky thing. If you have a farm and you want to pet horses then below is the list of horse species that you can pet:
1. Arabian: this is one of the oldest breeds of a horse on earth and it can be spotted very well because of its white color and proud tail carriage. Its mentioned in many fairy tales because of its color and beauty. It can be used for saddle seat, dressage etc.
2. Quarter horses: Quarter horses are the horses who have the fastest speed among all the other ones. They are used for pleasure horse riding and are considered to be the most popular horse in the United States of America. This horse is a perfect one to be kept on the farm because of their excellence in hunting seat mounts, racehorses, and many other competitions. This breed has got the largest population in the whole world.
3. Thoroughbred: The horses of this variety are one of the fastest horses in the world. They were developed in Britain in a 17th and 18th century and are known for their gentle nature. They are used as jumpers, polo horsing and jumpers as well.
4. Tennessee walker: This horse is not very fast but can walk for long distance and makes it a comfortable ride for long distances. They were used initially for farms and plantation during the 18th century but later on was bought for keeping as a pet and still this tradition continues. These are used for show and pleasant horse riding.
5. Morgan: The state animal of Vermont, Morgan is considered to be the horse which is versatile and one of the oldest breeds in the United States. They are very good at driving, western and saddle seat disciplines and are very big in heart.
6. Paint: This is the combination of western stock horse and pinto. The color is the fabulous combination of both of the horses. They are argued to be the true breed because color combination comes from a single bloodline and also there is an argument that this horse is the cross bread of pinto and western stock horse. They are mainly used for pleasure mounts.
7. Appaloosa: It is a breed of horse that is tough, sure-footed, big tailed and is used as stock horses. They are used as trail horses and were developed by Nez Perce Native American tribe.
8. Miniature horse: These horses are small in size and are measured from the last hair of mane and this measurement is around 34-38 inches. Even though they are small, these are called horses and not ponies due to their characteristics. They are mostly used as driving horses and also as service animals.
9. Warmblood: It is the horse which is not a breed actually but is included in a number of breeds including Hanoverian, Oldenburg, and Trakehner. They are identified by their stylish appearance and the jumping excellency. The above horses are considered to be the best ones to keep on the farm and can be a very good pet if you take care of them.