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Interview with Tiffani Kjeldergaard

In 2008 Tiffani was arrested for assault, (a stand your ground issue)that sadly got her on probation. On a probation check of her home in June 2009, San Diego Sheriffs discovered her indoor medical marijuana garden. Yes, she had a current medical recommendation from her doctor. They arrested her anyway. Sgt. Piscitelli of the Campo Division SDSO did a Press Release of her arrest, in turn embarrassing her (and violating her privacy rights) by announcing her private medical information that was between her and her doctors to USA TODAY National News!
 PRESS RELEASE June 20, 2009  (That was when Tiffani announced the launching of FREE2FARM420 and her FLYING PAINT RANCH facility became publicly 420 Friendly! Allowing Cannabis patients to come to a safe place to do riding, camping and other activities without judgment.)

From the day of her arrest, Tiffani spent five months in the county jail with her health and civil rights failing her. She went to the law library of the Los Colinas Facility as often as they allowed her to do research about her case. After finding the "People v Tillekooh" case in her research and the Health and Safety Code 11362.5, Tiffani fought for her freedom to avoid a three year prison sentence for violating her probation terms. She prevailed. The courts released her and the nightmare was over, almost. Tiffani then filed a motion for permission to have her medical marijuana while on probation, she was granted a judgment allowing exactly that! Tiffani's water pipes, and other items confiscated were returned to her by the courts and she became a hero to the medical marijuana community! http://www.safeaccesssd.org/2010/01/medical-cannabis-patient-gets-her-bongs.html 
Fighting for the rights of probationers in San Diego, Tiffani pursued establishing cannabis consumption rules for THC in the blood stream being allowed while on probation and doing drug testing. Probationers sadly are still harassed to this day if they don't know their rights!
In November 2011 Tiffani went to a probation meeting with her cannabis and smoking device (a glass pipe) she was searched, harassed, handcuffed and faced against a wall for a over two hours. In total and spent 3 hours in custody. She was scared of retaliation and wrongful charges due to this excessive harassment, but the San Diego law enforcement agencies had to recognize state law and the rights of the patients who abide by it. They released Tiffani, gave her the items back and allowed her to leave.
She received a call from Lisa Southland (director of probation dept) and was given an appology and was immediately removed from formal probation to informal!
 Probation checks on her home, searches and drug testing weekly went to no reporting in at all. It was a blessing for her to get that stress out of her life with her failing health.
When discussing their errors in judgment regarding Tiffani's right to carry her medicine with her MMJ card and how they handled that situation at the probation department, Lisa Southland Probation Director asked Tiffani to allow the probation officers to use her State MMJ card as a training aid for the probation department. How to verify one, etc. Tiffani was pleased to oblige.
Tiffani Kjeldergaard's MMJ card is the first of it's kind to reach the offices of the probation Department of San Diego, according to the Director of Ohio St., Lisa Southland who personally requested to use Tiffani's card in order to train her deputies!

"In 2009 Probation tried to give me a prison term for MMJ on Probation.... Today, they are asking my help to learn about it." Tiffani

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