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Fizz Girl | World's Shortest Cat

Tiffani Kjeldergaard of Flying Paint Ranch is pleased to announce her MiniMew Munchkin cat FIZZ GIRL who is the current Guinness World’s Shortest Cat has had a daughter named PIXEL.
She was born on September 21, 2012 
Guinness has accepted the application for the Shortest Cat challenging measurement and this will be the second presentation of the “WORLD’S SHORTEST CAT RECORD” for Flying Paint Ranch owner Tiffani Kjeldergaard of San Diego to claim!
Fizzgirl was #3 on the greatest things to happen to San Diego list in 2012!

This is breaking news! Get a good look at this cute, amazing little feline! PIXEL'S FACEBOOK PAGE

Fizzgirl, her mother, was amazing to see, Pixel just leaves you speechless!

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www.worldsshortestcat.com or www.minimewmunchkins.com

Fizz Girl: World's Shortest Cat 2012 OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT of FIZZGIRL October 1, 2011 on World Animal Day.

"FIZZGIRL" is "WORLD'S SHORTEST CAT" titled with Guinness World Records.

FizzGirl is the 2012 World Guinness Record holder for "World's Shortest Cat."  This *munchkin cat weighs a mere 4.6 lbs and stands  6 inches tall.


     "PIXEL the MiniMew " is the NEW World's Shortest Cat!
 Standing at a height of only 5 inches tall at 19 months old!

WHY is FIZZGIRL is FOR SALE for $1.6M?!

A philanthropic investment of $1.6M will finance a 6 acre Non-Profit permanent Cat and Bird sanctuary!

This sanctuary will rescue cats on their final day before being euthanized in southern California shelters and permanently home any and all unwanted hook bill parrots.
Are you interested in becoming a founding member?
Contact 619-251-4967 or email us.
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*What is a MiniMew Munchkin Cat? Munchkins are cats that carry the achrondroplasia gene, also known as dwarfism. Their unique and amazing little frames are amazing to observe. They are incredibly cute, as dwarves often are!
They are not genetically altered, freaks of nature or deformed. They have a genetic line that causes the long bones in their legs to be shorter than the average in their species. Just like the genetic line for blue or brown eyes. Not mutated and not an abomination. Not called a Midget cat their called "Little Cats" or MiniMews!

Aside from their short stature MiniMew Munchkins look similar to other felines and could be confused for kittens although they are full grown! Some munchkins have a type of gene that is more pronounced in physical appearance than others, that is what the MiniMew has.
Tiffani's breeding crosses are done specifically to accommodate that gene, so the offspring are correct in conformation. Giving the look of a proportionate small cat as opposed to a long backed weiner cat.

Achrondroplasia gene is naturally found in Dogs, Cats, Whales, Horses and people.